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“Neptūnas” added an American who played in Lithuania

Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” in the last days of the year managed to increase their ranks with a new player. It was a 29 year old, 211 cm tall Center player Trent Plaisted, from America. This player is well-known to Lithuanian basketball fans because four years ago Trent played in the team Kaunas, “Žalgiris” and became the national champion. The player will arrive to Klaipėda in the first days of January.

After his studies in America, T. Plaisted began his professional career in Europe where he played in Italian and Croatian teams. At the start of 2011 he started playing for Kaunas, “Žalgiris” and helped them win the LKL championship. In that season the American in 16 matches scored 5,8 points on average and got 3,9 rebounds. After Lithuania the tall player continued his career in Ukraine with the team Cherkasy, “Mavpy”, in Turkey with Petkim, “Aliaga”, in France with Limoges, “CSP” and in Germany with the team Ulm, “Ratiopharm”. Last season (2014-2015) T. Plaisted returned to the team Limoges, “CSP” and among their ranks played in the Euroleague (10 matches, 3 pts on average, 2,6 rebounds) and became the French champion (18 matches, 4,2 pts, 2,7 rebounds).

“However much information I was able to gather about this player makes me believe that he will quickly adapt to our style of play. He is a dynamic, athletic and mobile Center player. I think that he will adequately help us in the Eurocup and “Tete-a-Tete Casino-LKL” matches.”, said Dainius Adomaitis, Head Coach of “Neptūnas”, evaluating the new player.
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