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Dainius Adomaitis: “The players of “Neptūnas” were encouraged due to the correct reaction by the fans”

Dainius Adomaitis, Head Coach of Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” after the first victory in the Eurocup tournament’s “Last 32” stage expressed his pride in the fighting capacity of his players against the team Berlin, “ALBA” (73:65) and in the Klaipėda’s fans who were united as one.

“First of all, I would like to think the fans. I think that due to their correct reaction on the events in the court led to the breakthrough and the team’s encouragement. Second, I would like to thank and congratulate the men with what they did in defense. They executed the tasks that we decided to do very well”, said D. Adomaitis, being joyful in the press conference after the victory.

When asked how he evaluates the disqualification of Daniel Ewing, the Head Coach of “Neptūnas” replied: “the opponents constantly provoked us and in that manner wanted to shift the course of the game. As a man I understand Daniel’s reaction, his nerves did not hold and he answered… But speaking about the player-coach relationship, I think that players do not have right to give in to such provocations. Daniel’s reaction was bad. What followed after is what you saw, the correct reaction from the fans and the team players, and their state of mind”, said the coach.

During this match Vytautas Šarakauskas, the tall player of “Neptūnas” got a strong hit in the nose. It is possible that he even broke it.

“This was a match where one could hear crackling bones and broken noses. There was everything. “Vycka” (Vytautas Šarakauskas. Author‘s commentary) said that everything is okay and he will play in the next match“, emphasized D. Adomaitis.
According to Saša Obradović, Head Coach of “ALBA”, “Neptūnas” was worth the victory this time since they were burning with desire, combativeness and excitement.

“The home court players surpassed us with their energy, correct reaction to every situation, great amount of work and the wish to win. We tried to take the initiative for a few times, but still failed. There’s nothing left but to acknowledge the advantage of “Neptūnas” we will try to take revenge at home”, said S. Obradović.

“Neptūnas” will play the third match in the Eurocup tournament‘s “Last 32” stage on January 19th (Tuesday) in Milan (Italy) against the team “Emporio Armani” (Italy) at 21:00. A week later, on January 26th (Tuesday), “Neptūnas” and “Emporio Armani” will meet in “Švyturio Arena” at 19:45.

We would like to remind you that in the Eurocup tournament‘s „Last 32“ stage the players from Klaipėda were defeated by the basketball players of Thessaloniki, “Aris” with a result of 58:84; “ALBA” did not have any trouble at home against the team Milan, “Emporio Armani” and defeated them with a result of 83:67.

The next LKL match “Neptūnas” will play on January 16th (Saturday) at 18:00 in “Švyturio Arena” against the team Panevėžys, “Lietkabelis” which is coached by Kazys Maskvytis, the former strategist of “Neptūnas“. Lately the players from Panevėžys are playing on a roll – on Sunday at home they defeated the team Vilnius, “Lietuvos rytas” with a result of 75:65.

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