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Arnas Butkevičius: “I am glad that we won the battle of nerves” foto foto

Arnas Butkevičius contributed to the victory of Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” against Berlin, “ALBA” (73:65) in the Eurocup tournament’s match and he also praised the wonderful fans of Klaipėda and emphasized that he really craved to give them the victory.

“The positive result was due to the fighting capacity and the mood. We gave our all. We played kind of disgustingly, but in a good way. We made barriers, interrupted the opponent’s combinations; in that way we pulled on their nerves. And as you saw the fruits of that labor – the opponents simply became exhausted. It was a nervous match. During those contacts, due to the aggressive play style, nervousness becomes present”, said A. Butkevičius.

When spoken to about the disqualification of Daniel Ewing, A. Butkevičius did not hide that those kind of moments often fire up the team players.

“It happened this time as well. Both we and the fans got fired up. This also contributed to the victory, said A. Butkevičius after the match, who played in this match really well – scored 18 points and gained 20 Performance Index Rating points.

He spent almost 28 minutes in the court, 5/6 2-pointers, 2/3 3-pointers, 2/2 free throws and 4 rebounds.arnas

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