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The fans of Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” are the most generous in Lithuania (photos)

The fans of Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” are declared the most generous in Lithuania second year in a row. Both last and this season the citizens of Klaipėda reached new records in the “Žaislų lietus” event and surpassed the fans of Vilnius basketball fans ten times. Also, the fans of “Neptūnas” obviously surpassed the citizens of Kaunas, Utena, Kėdainiai, Šiauliai, and Panevėžys.

This finally became clear when announced the results of the “Žaislų lietus” event in other Lithuanian cities.

Klaipėda – obvious leader

The December 6th, 2015 match between the local “Neptūnas” and Kaunas, “Žalgiris” was characterized not only by a great basketball show, but also by the record in “Žaislų lietus”: 2821 plush toys will reach families that live in difficulty.

During the “Žaislų lietus” event, the fans in Utena gave 336 toys, in Alytus – 246, in Vilnius – 222. The fans in Prienai donated 310, Šiauliai – 393, Kėdainiai – 277 toys. The fans of Panevėžys, “Lietkabelis” donated to children 402 toys, and the fans of team “Žalgiris” gave 925 toys.

All of the spectators were encouraged to bring plush toys and to throw them into the court after the first quarter.

We would like to remind you that last least “Neptūnas” in collaboration with the association “Novi Homines” and LKL also organized this event and that time the record was set – 1271 plush toy was thrown into the court. This time the record was improved more than twice.

“Neptūnas” is thankful to their fans who support team Klaipėda‘s basketball players very warmly. Also, we’d like to say sincere thanks for your generosity, for the plush toys. They are going to be donated to children from socially supported large families, orphanages, and daycare centers in the near future”, said Osvaldas Kurauskas, director of club “Neptūnas”.

Receiving exclusive gifts

By the way, the fan of “Neptūnas” who brought the biggest toy got a special gift – “Nike” basketball shoes and nominal clothing of “Neptūnas Nike” used in basketball matches.

“Sharing is good. Giving – is the best start in communication. After all, all of this is for the welfare of the children”, said the players of “Neptūnas”.

“We are very happy with this even and its results. We really did not expect that so many toys will be gathered and that we could create a great holiday to someone. It is fun to know that the people are not indifferent and want not only to gain, but can also give and share their generosity. This is a great example to all how basketball unites people for the sake of a common goal”, said Romualdas Brazauskas, general director of LKL. This even was initiated by “Tete-a-Tete Casino-LKL” together with the association “Novi Homines” and clubs that are participating in the league.

The toys gather are going to be donated to children from socially supported large families, orphanages, and daycare centers.

The players of “Neptūnas” entertained a group of children and the disabled

Last season “Neptūnas” distributed toys to orphanages and disabled people’s institutions.

At that time the players, coaches, administrative workers and the volunteers of club “Neptūnas” visited “Klaipėdos lakštutė“, the Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Klaipėda‘s residence for Infants with Development Delays, Klaipėda‘s orphanage “Danė” and “Rytas”, and Klaipėda‘s children‘s daycare center.

In some places the players of “Neptūnas” were greeted with the biggest smiles and in others with motivational banners and handmade gifts: postcards, lucky charms and other souvenirs.

The players of “Neptūnas” played basketball with some children and various games with others and also socialized.

“This is a very fun event. The heart is simply thrilled when you socialize with these wonderful children. Our visit provided them with positive emotions: they became cheerful, exhilarating, energized, they happily socialized with us…. The children need so little: only a bit of attention and love from all of us. We would encourage that everyone should visit those children more often and share what they can with them”, said the players of “Neptūnas”, remembering the event.

Social events for “Neptūnas” is not new thing

“Neptūnas” is organizing various social events for several years now.

The players of “Neptūnas” are inviting disabled people, orphanages and various other institutions to their matches and exercises, participate in their various holidays, always donate basketballs, jerseys and other merchandise of “Neptūnas”.

“The players of “Neptūnas” are warm and especially friendly people. Disabled people are glad to shake hands with the players, to socialize with them. Perhaps the example of “Neptūnas” will inspire other teams of Klaipėda to join various events. After all, sports and socializing with known athletes is an important event for disabled people”, said Vilius Jurkus, upon creating a friendship with “Neptūnas” and disabled people. According to the players of “Neptūnas”, it is important to create all the possibilities to integrate into society for orphans and disabled people.

“They are a lot more assertive and honest. It is nice to see when their faces are lit up. When you see their stubbornness, the will to live and enjoy the world, it makes one to look more positively about the surrounding world. Then you can’t help but smile, gain some energy and realize that they need so little – just a bit of social support and honest communication”, said Martynas Mažeika, team captain of “Neptūnas”.

In 2012 the players of “Neptūnas” contributed to the welfare of children receiving treatment for tuberculosis: they cheered the children with the necessary sports equipment – basketballs and footballs, basketball board, jump ropes, various sand toys and clothes.

In 2013 the representatives of Klaipėda‘s club inspired some optimism into a boy with an oncological disease.

The players of “Neptūnas” handed him branded team jersey, a basketball with the player’s signatures and a team photo with a wish to get well.

Also the players of “Neptūnas” have collaborated and brought gifts to Klaipėda‘s orphanages. The basketball players together with Klaipėda‘s disabled people sailed on the Curonian Lagoon in the ship “Venus S” and shared their experience about the championship.

“I believe that sooner or later good deeds come back as a boomerang. Let us be better to the people that surround us and then they will be better and everyone can be happy about it”, said Osvaldas Kurauskas, director of club “Neptūnas”.zaislu lietus  zaislu lietus1socsoc1

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