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"Neptunas" sponsors are growing

Šarūno Dužino nuotr. Šarūno Dužino nuotr.
Klaipeda "Neptunas" basketball club's management is not only asking for city support, but also to keep actively looking for and interact with potential sponsors - the various business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is bearing fruit. Every year we see new sponsors.

This year, one of the general sponsors have become one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Lithuania JSC "Kaminera”.

The head of the agency Arunas Tuma and "Neptunas" club director Osvaldas Kurauskas signed a one-year cooperation agreement.

"I am glad that there are people who support us, see our work and believe that we can more. UAB Kaminera" to "Neptunas" budget contributed substantial support. This support is very important to us and encourages further pasitemti. I believe that joint efforts we can achieve more victories and proclaim the name of Klaipeda ", - said Osvaldas Kurauskas.

According to the company "Kaminera CEO Arunas Tumas, support reprecentacinę city team should be part of every buissnessman duty.

To contribute to their city's team - a matter of honor. They all want the name of Klaipeda sound as louder, and basketball players happy victories. "After all, Neptunas is participating in the single and VTB league, which is already a huge honor to Klaipeda, historical įvkis., And I would encourage other entrepreneurs or businesses look more favorably on your team and the city are also supported. they all together and we can topple mountains "- shared his thoughts Arunas Tumas.

One of the largest freight forwarding companies in Lithuania JSC "Kaminera was founded in 1994.

The company operates branches in Lithuania (Klaipeda and Vilnius), but also in Belarus (Minsk) and Russia (Moscow).

According to A. Pregnancy, with Lithuania, Belarus, the Russian railways, Klaipeda stividorinėmis companies, as well as many in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and other countries forwarding companies arranged by direct agreement enables us to provide customers with cargo handling in the port, cargo delivery to / from Western Europe services.

UAB Kaminera deals in:

• Cargo transportation by all kinds of cars (import, export and transit);
• Rail (competitive) rates settled in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others. areas;
• Freight declaration, customs and transport documents;
• Stevedoring Klaipeda port;
• Search trucks on the road.

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