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After the excellent play in the second quarter of the Euroleague match in Belgrade, Neptunas from Klaipeda inspired hopes to think about the victory, but the badly played third quarter brought victory to the Crvena Zvezda Telekom team with the score of 79:62 (22:14, 13:23, 17:10, 17:15).

It isn't a secret that the fans from Belgrade are famous for their crazy support all over Europe. Before the match, one of the biggest questions was whether the guests would be able to stand up to the psychological pressure.

At the start of the match, S. Galdikas couldn't stop B. Marjanovic, who excelled him. After his shots, the hosts were in the lead with the score of 8:2. It was obvious that the basketball players from Klaipeda were intimidated by the overwhelming atmosphere at the arena. The guests missed their shots, being free and in easy shooting positions. Supported by their fans, the Serbs played actively, especially in the defence, sometimes nearly to a foul. B. Marjanovic scored 8 points during the first quarter. Thanks to him, Crvena Zvezda won this quarter with the score of 22:14.

In the second quarter, a player from the National Slovenian team, J. Blazic scored points for the hosts. It was hard for Neptunas to break the opponents' defence. The opponents forced them to make turnovers or they missed their shots. So, the Serbs were in the lead with the score of 33:18 in the middle of the quarter. It seemed that Neptunas fell apart, but then the thing we were all waiting for happened. Neptunas staged a real show in the Belgrade arena. Having got used to the spectators' pressure, the basketball players from Neptunas adjusted their sights and started shooting at the Serbs' basket. D. Gailius and D. Zavackas started a series of successful triples, E. Dimsa added a 2-pointer and free throws were scored by M. Shakur, and Neptunas won an interval with the score of 0:19. The Serbian fans couldn't believe what was going on in the court, and silence fell over the hall. So, Neptunas were in the lead with a score of 33:37 in the last minute of the quarter. We must admit that, as well as scoring well, Neptunas played an excellent game in defence, because the opponents couldn't find a way to score points. Their pointless minutes were broken by B. Marjanovic's jumper during the last minute of the quarter. Before the half-time break the guests were in the lead with the score of 35:37.

Unfortunately, the break was more useful to the Crvena Zvezda team. They started pressing the opponents actively again and it worked out well. The guests could hardly score points in the offensive, and turnovers in dribbling or passing the ball let the Serbs score additional points. They were in the lead with the score of 60:43 at the end of the third quarter. They won this quarter with the score of 62:47.

In the final quarter, Neptunas tried to change the defence system, but the opponents adapted to it quickly and the lead was increased by B. Marjanovic adding points. We must admit that Neptunas couldn't neutralize one of the Euroleague's most valuable players tonight. The turnovers (total per match 17), the missed shots (2-pointers - 16/43, 37 per cent, free throws 9/17, 53 per cent) didn't let the guests play for the victory in Belgrade. Crvena Zvezda won the match with the score of 79:62.

The following players scored for Neptunas: D. Gailius 18 (triples 4/7, 6 assists), E. Dimsa 9, D. Zavackas and V. Vasylius 8, M. Shakur 5, K. Benson 4, J. Sinica and S. Galdikas 3, M. Girdziunas and A. Butkevicius 2 points (M. Mažeika).

Crvena Zvezda: B. Marjanovic 24 (12 rebounds), J. Blazic 19 (triples 3/4), L. Mitrovic 12, C. Jenkins 10, N. Kalinic 8, M. Wiliams, M. Zirbes and B. Lazic 2 points.

Neptunas will play their next match against Utena Juventus at home (the LKL championship) on 2 December (on Tuesday). Neptunas will play their Euroleague match against Pireaus Olympiakos next week.
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