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Klaipeda “Neptūnas” that will be playing in the EuroCup tournament and in LBL championship in the coming season has signed a two-year contract with the coach Dainius Adomaitis.

“Even though the negotiations were held with number of candidates, in the end it was Dainius Adomaitis who we chose. This strategist’s works of the previous season have proven that he is an ambitious person who is worth the trust”, the administration of “Neptūnas” club claimed.


We will remind you that for the first time in the history of club Utena “Juventus” under D. Adomaitis leadership the team has become LBL prize-winner last season. In the league finals with the results 3:2 it had defeated Klaipeda “Neptūnas”. Moreover, “Juventus” won the 3rd place in BBL championship in 2015.

After the season had ended, Klaipeda team had to say goodbye to coaching staff that had managed the team for the whole three years: Kazys Maksvytis and Tomas Rinkevičius.

At present time 41-year-old D. Adomaitis is coaching the Lithuanian Student Basketball Team that is getting ready for Universiade which will take place in South Korea on July 3-14. During the years of his career he has coached Slupsk “Energa Czarni”, Vroclavek “Anwil” and Vilnius “Lietuvos rytas” teams.


There is a new person in the ranks of coaches of “Neptūnas”, Klaipėda. Mindaugas Brazys became the assistant of Dainius Adomaitis. A 32 year old coach from Kaunas shall arrive to Klaipėda after a work in a Pasvalys team, “Pieno žvaigždės”.


The same position was taken by Mindaugas in “Žalgiris”, Kaunas (during the seasons of 2011-2013), and "Lietkabelis", Panevėžys (during the season of 2013-2014).

“First of all, I am happy to work in the city next to the sea. Klaipėda is the second city after Kaunas, where I want to work. So, it is nice I am here. I believe that the game of the team shall be good, and delighting Klaipėda fans; “Neptūnas” has always had many of them.” – Mindaugas Brazys evaluated his arrival to “Neptūnas”.


Today is became clear who will lead “Neptūnas” game next season. Klaipėda team has signed a contract with a 32-year old, 194 cm tall American with a huge experience, Daniel Ewing. The American who can play in the positions of a point guard and shooting guard, played in the Euroleague even for four seasons, and his experience shall be of a high importance for a Klaipėda team.

It is no secret that D.Adomaitis had been searching a capable basketballer to this position, and the list of candidates was long; however, it has been decided to select D.Ewing. “I am very happy that an appropriate player has been found to this position who matched out criteria. Daniel has obviously a good experience, has played not only in the Euroleague, but also EuroCup. During recent years, he played in a strong French league. He is a point guard who may take his own initiatives as well as make it possible for the other teammates. It is amazing to have this high level player”, head coach Dainius Adomaitis briefly described the newcomer to the team “Neptūnas”.


D.Ewing is arriving to Lithuania after two seasons spent in the French ProA league. During the 2013-2014 year season, he defended the team “Levallois” of Paris. That season he used to score up to 11 points within 26 minutes, and make 3.3 assists (two-points 58/137, 42 percent, three-points 49/123, 40 percent). Last season Daniel played in the Le Mans "Sarthe" team. Within Per 27 min. he used to score up to 9 points and 2.8 assists (two-points 81/174, 47 percent, three-points 34/106, 32 percent).

Daniel Ewing started his professional career in 2005, as soon as he graduated from the Duke University. In the round two NBA he was selected by the Los Angeles "Clippers" team. After two season spent in NBA, the American continued his career in Europe. During 2007/2008 season he played in the “Khimki” team, Moscow Oblast with the coach Kęstutis Kemzūra. After the season in Russia, D.Ewing moved to Poland for 3 years and played in the team led by another Lithuanian coach, Tomas Pačėsa. With Gdynia “Asseco Prokom” team, he was a champion of Poland for three times, and played in the Euroleague. During 4 seasons D.Ewing scored up to 11.8 points and 2.6 assists. Later the guard played in “Azovmsh”, Mariupol, and “Bešiktaš”, Istanbul teams.


The “Neptūnas” team has signed a contract with a 23 year old, 203 cm tall player, Gilvydas Biruta.

The Lithuanian participated in the summer league of NBA in July of 2014-2015, representing the “Denver Nuggets” team.

He was noticed and the chance to participate in the summer league of NBA was given by Artūras Karnišovas, working in the USA.


“I was doing really ok. I feel that I really succeeded to show what I could on the basketball ground. I wanted to show myself as good as possible, to show all my benefits and to charm as many people as possible with my game. I want to work hard and I hope that it will make things good”, G. Biruta said to the USA media that time.

The basketballer won bronze medals with the Lithuanian cadet (up to 16 years) national team of the European Championship in 2007, in 2008 he became a vice-champion of the European youth (up to 18 years). Later the basketballer who came from Jonava, studied in America and represented the “Rhode Island Rams” team of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Last season he spent 20.8 minutes on the ground, scored 8.1 points, 4.6 rebounds per match on average. During the season of 2013-2014, time spent on the ground was almost 26 min., average score of 10.6 points, 7 rebounds. The player graduated from Rhode Island University this year.


"Neptūnas" of Klaipėda is further completing the team most of the players of this region; Simas Galdikas shall keep wearing white-blue sportswear of the team for two more years.

„I am happy to stay in Klaipėda. I had possibilities to move to play abroad, but I decided to stay at home. It is always more pleasant to represent the team of a home town. Basketball fans of Klaipėda are wonderful. It is always the wish to give them victories for support. I will give all my power and heart for the team of the home town, “Neptūnas”, S. Galdikas spoke with patriotism after signing the contract.
This 28 year old, 203cm tall center shall compete for “Neptūnas” for sixth season already.


Simas Galdikas, distinguishing himself with gamy character, has contributes to historical victories of Klaipėda club; in 2003, it won LKL bronze medals, and in 2014 – LKL silver medals.
Last season he showed himself perfectly in the most prestigious basketball tournament of the Euroleague.


While getting prepared for the new season, Klaipeda “Neptūnas” has filled its ranks with a new basketball player. Klaipeda residents have signed a contract with 26-year-old Jerai Grant (203 cm) from the USA. Within 2 seasons the basketball player had shined out playing in the “Ventspils” team of Latvia Basketball Club (Latvijas BK).

Jerai Grant was born in a family of basketball players. His father Harvey Grant had played in NBA for whole 11 seasons. Father’s identical twin brother Horace Grant was a four-time NBA champion. Harvey’s younger brothers are also NBA players: Jerai Grant made his debut in the “Philadelphia 76ers” team last season. This year Jerian Grant was drafted the No. 19 pick from the Washington Wizards.


Jerai graduated from Clemson University. His professional career has begun in 2011, in Australian “Sydney Kings” team (11.89 points, 8.19 rebounds, 1.43 blocks). He had played in the “Enel Brindisi” team the following year. His season began in the “Hapoel” team of Israel’s Holon in 2013-2014. In December Jerai moved to Ventspils. Along with the team of Latvia he became the champion of the country (10.14 points, 5.3 rocks, 0.98 blocks). During last season J. Grant and the team of Latvia debuted in EuroCup competition (8.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 0.8 blocks). In the finals of Latvian championship his team came second after the VEF Riga team (11.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 0.9 blocks).

“That’s the kind of center we are looking for. He is active in offence, good at pick and roll and is reliable at the defense. He is truly a fast and mobile center”, Dainius Adomaitis describes the new player of the team.


Martynas Mažeika, the long-lived captain of Klaipėda "Neptūnas", stays loyal to the team of his hometown: a new 2-year contract has been signed. The clubs of Italy, Turkey and Germany were interested in this citizen of Klaipeda, however, “Neptūnas” managed to save one of its leaders.


During the period of his career, taking little time-offs, M. Mažeika had been representing “Neptūnas” for 10 seasons. In the year 2000, when he was only fifteen year old, he put this team’s t-shirt on for the first time.

The basketball player emphasized repeatedly: “It is always a pleasure to play “at home”. It is a true honor to represent the team of your hometown”.
He contributed greatly to “Neptūnas” winning of bronze medal of Lithuanian Basketball League in 2013 as well as of silver medal in 2014.


Klaipeda “Neptūnas” keeps up the good tradition of gathering a team mostly of players of its region: long-term 4-year contracts have been signed with two young and perspective students of Vladas Knašius’ Basketball School: an 18-year-old 190 cm tall guard Matas Andruškevičius and a 17-year-old 196 cm tall forward Arūnas Mikalauskas.

Mindaugas Bugis, the coach of Klaipeda, got both of them acquainted with the insights of basketball. During the last season they have played in the championship of Students Basketball League (competed in the Final Four competitions) as well as represented Neringa “Kuršiai” team in Regional Basketball League (RKL - Regionų krepšinio lyga).


M. Andruškevičius on average spent 28 minutes on the basketball court, scored 12.3 points (48% of two-pointer, 24% of three-pointer), rebounded 3.6 points, 2.1 assists and gained 9.5 EFF.

A. Mikalauskas on average spent 31 minutes on the basketball court, scored 15.4 points (52% of two-pointer, 39% of three-pointer), rebounded 5.5 points, 1.4 assists and gained 15.3 EFF.

Both players along with Laurynas Beliauskas, another “Neptūnas” player, were the leaders of Vladas Knašius’ Basketball School team in junior championship where Klaipeda’s citizens took the 2nd place. A.Mikalauskas gained 20.1 points and 10.3 rebounds per game. In junior championship M. Andruškevičius gained 17.5 points and 7 rebounds.

“Both players are from the same generation as our team member Laurynas Beliauskas. After all, Laurynas, who was “lent” to Kaunas “Žalgiris” youth team last season, became a winner and the most valuable player of the finals of Euroleague youth tournament in Madrid as well as the winner of three-pointer contest. We have signed a three-year contract with Laurynas last year. This year we decided to invite two new perspective citizens of Klaipeda to our team and to sign a long-term contract with them. We will bring out our city’s players. All of them are the candidates for Lithuanian Junior Team”, pointed out Osvaldas Kurauskas, the director of “Neptūnas” club.

“These men are the players of the future and if they gain strengths physically and work hard they might become good basketball players”, said Stasys Kaupys, the principal of Vladas Knašius’ Basketball School.

The management of “Neptūnas” club had a meeting with the Mayor of Klaipeda City as well as with the new representatives of Administration of Municipality and they have agreed unanimously that the attention should be emphasized on the young players of Klaipeda city.

“Young players are stimulated to work harder when they are aware of the fact that they are being observed; that representatives of the city team are interested in their game. Parents of the young basketball players also see that the youngsters are presented with the conditions that help to open them up, therefore, they are working with our club willingly”, rejoices O. Kurauskas.


Klaipeda “Neptūnas” that will participate in the EuroCup Tournament and LKL (Lithuanian Basketball League) championship the following season have extended the contract with an old-timer team member Vytautas Šarakauskas. A two-year contract was concluded with this 204 cm tall basketball player.


“Vytautas himself was willing to stay in “Neptūnas”. Even though he was not born in Klaipeda, he bought an apartment in this city and now lives on the coast with the family. Vytautas and his family members tend to think of themselves as the citizens of Klaipeda. Vytautas Šarakauskas is a player that contributed significantly to the winning of the bronze medal for “Neptūnas” in 2013 and a silver medal in 2014 in the LKL”, said Osvaldas Kurauskas, the director of “Neptūnas” club after the signing of the contract.


Klaipeda “Neptūnas” has filled its ranks with a citizen of Kretinga, the bronze prize-winner of Lithuanian Basketball League (LBL) Arvydas Šikšnius. “Neptūnas” has signed a two-year contract with 27-year-old 196 cm tall basketball player who played in Utena “Juventus” team last season.


The player who is capable of combining two positions of small forward and shooting guard scored 11.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists in LKL (LBL) championship last season. A very productive work was carried out during the final of LBL, thus, his determination and tactical efficiency have not escaped the eyes of “Neptūnas” executives.

A. Šikšnius has helped the “Juventus” team to win the bronze medals of Lithuanian Basketball League and Baltic Basketball League (BBL). That time in the BBL return final game at home “Juventus” had defeated a Tartu “Rock” team 62:52 (14:18, 14:6, 18:10, 16:18) and had gained a point more for the lost outside game to Estonians 63:72. A. Šikšnius was the player who brought the 3rd place to the team of Utena 3 seconds prior to the end of the game.


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