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Klaipėda “Neptūnas” team will be formed before August 17th. That is when the practices will begin. In the conference that took place on Thursday in Švyturys Arena, the journalist were presented the head coach of the team Dainius Adomaitis; the plans, visions and future prospect were revealed.

“The tasks for the coming season are as follows: LBL would be satisfied with team taking one of the first 3 places; we have to achieve the highest results in the LBF Cup; we also have to at least get into the second stage in the EuroCup”, said Rimantas Taraškevičius, the chairman of the management Board of “Neptūnas”.

The Mayor of Klaipeda, Vytautas Grubliauskas and the director of Administration of Municipality Saulius Budinas, who participated in the press conference, were pleased with the fact that the basketball pyramid has finally started operating in the port city.

The long-term 4-year contracts with two young and perspective students of Vladas Knašius’ Basketball School were signed the previous week: with 18-year-old 190 cm tall guard Matas Andruškevičius and a 17-year-old 196 cm height forward Arūnas Mikalauskas. In addition to that, another perspective Klaipedian Laurynas Beliauskas has signed a two-year contract with “Neptūnas”.

“They should play in another basketball team of our city: the “Nafta-Uni-Akvaservis” team. Perhaps it is too early to say that there is our back-up team, however, after all these years of talking finally this is a result of our joint work. We have also talked to the “Nafta-Uni-Akvaservis” team coach Rytis Vaišvila that we have to bring up a team that will replace us in the future”, the director of “Neptūnas” Osvaldas Kurauskas pointed out.

“I am happy with the upcoming season as I watch our club taking the right path. In its ranks, “Neptūnas” wants to see players mostly of its regions and it is commendable”, said S. Budinas.
The couch of the “Neptūnas” team D. Adomaitis has revealed that the first practice the team players is planned on August 17th.

“We hope that the team will be formed until that time. Arrangements regarding the forming of the team are in intensive progress. We have 4-5 candidates for each position. We should sign the contracts in the coming days”, said the couch.

According to D. Adomaitis, he will remain faithful to his basketball philosophy.

“It seems to me that basketball starts with good defence when something needs to be done for the winning. Good defence assures some kind of stability within the whole season. It is great that my vision matches the vision of “Neptūnas” club executives: first of all, we need to gather players from Klaipeda region whose distinctive features are fighting efficiency and great desire to win”, explained the coach.

He as well as the representatives of Klaipeda club emphasized that during every “Neptūnas” game they will try to create holiday for the spectators.

“During the previous LBL season the games were popular among visitors. We will try to keep these traditions. We will start selling season-tickets in the nearest future. The novelty of this year is that the season-tickets will be valid until the end of the season instead of the end of the regular championship. This means that they will be valid until “Neptūnas” fights, including the playoffs. Let me remind you that the record number of the season-tickets sold last year: almost 2000”, said O. Kurauskas.

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