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We may announce to all friends and loyal fans of “Neptūnas” of Klaipėda that the sale of season tickets of “Neptūnas” shall start on Tuesday (25th August). First 500 buyers of the season tickets shall get a special offer.

This year, owners of the season tickets shall hear a pleasant and comfortable news. The ticket shall be valid for all season of 2015/2016, from the first to the last home match of “Neptūnas” during the championships of the European Cup and Lithuanian Basketball League. The new season ticket shall guarantee the same seat both during regular championship and play-off matches.

“Last regular season “Švyturys” arena was most attended in the Lithuanian Basketball League. I believe that this season “Neptūnas” shall resound with support of its fans again. It is pleasant that a new tradition is being born in Klaipėda - “Neptūnas” matches at “Švyturys” arena are more and more often being attended together with friends and family members. Therefore, our first offer for the start of the ticket sale is dedicated for a family and group of friends!” – the director of “Neptūnas”, Osvaldas Kurauskas, spoke about the sale of the season tickets.

The first 500 “Neptūnas” fans shall be able to buy the tickets with a special offer - 4 season tickets for the price of 3! It is an amazing chance for families and friends to buy the “Neptūnas” season ticket for a special price.

Now about the prices of the 2015/2016-year-season tickets. Like last year, they shall be of 4 categories. The cheapest ticket for the whole season costs 58 Euros. With a special offer, the ticket price per person may be decreased up to 44.50 Euros. Prices of other categories: 88, 125, and 165 Euros (with s special offer, the price per person shall cost 67 Euros, 94,75 Euros, 124,75 Euros accordingly).

This year “Neptūnas” offers the ticket for the whole season for the best price again. Our goal is that even more Klaipėda or West Lithuanian people could attend “Neptūnas” matches. It is obvious that the ticket owner shall save money buying a permanent seat for the whole season at “Švyturys” arena for the “Neptūnas” matches instead of single tickets each time.

The season tickets shall be sold until 25th September (inclusive) at box-offices and on the internet site

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