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Eimanto CHACHLOVO nuotr. Eimanto CHACHLOVO nuotr.

Players of „Neptūnas“ from Klaipėda who shall fight not only in the local front, Lithuanian Basketball League and Lithuanian Basketball Federation Cup tournament, but also in the European Cup matches, have thrown themselves into work. Under management of physical training coach, Benas Kanta, “Neptūnas” players had a run and other physical exercises at a Klaipėda central stadium.

„The process is going on. Players have made tests, we see their sports condition, what to be corrected and improved. So far we will run outside and do different exercises at a training hall, and in the end of the week we are going to go to the basketball hall“, head coach of “Neptūnas”, Dainius Adomaitis, talked.

On 17th of August, the first official training of this season involved Gilvydas Biruta, Jerai Grant, Arvydas Šikšnius, Vytautas Šarakauskas, Martynas Mažeika, Simas Galdikas, Donatas Zavackas, Mindaugas Girdžiūnas, Arnas Butkevičius, and Raidas Nacius as well as young players who have made long-term contracts with "Neptūnas": Matas Andruškevičius, Arūnas Mikalauskas, and Laurynas Beliauskas. It is possible that all the three will be lent to the second team of our city, “Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis”.

„It is pleasant to meet after a summer and take to work altogether. We are in a good mood, and ready for a serious work. We all have common targets to strive for victories”, Martynas Mažeika, the captain of the “Neptūnas” team spoke.

So far “Neptūnas” lacks Daniel Ewing from the USA who signed a contract with the club last weekend. A 32-year-old, 191 cm tall basketballer shall join "Neptūnas" on the first days of September.
The American, who is capable of playing in the positions of a point guard and shooting guard has been competing in the Euroleague even for four seasons, and his experience shall be very useful for the Klaipėda team.

D. Ewing shall arrive to Lithuania after two seasons spent in the French ProA league. During the season of 2013-2014, he defended the honor of the “Levallois” team of Paris. That season he scored up to 11 points within 26 minutes, and made 3.3 assists during a match (two-points 58/137, 42 percent, three-points 49/123, 40 per cent.). Last season Daniel played in the Le Mans “Sarthe” team. Within 27 minutes he scored 9 points, and made 2.8 assists (two-points 81/174, 47 percent, three-points 34/106, 32 percent).

Former player of the national team, Tomas Delininkaitis is also training together with the “Neptūnas” players.

„He has expressed his wish to train together. Last year he also started preparation for the season together with us, and later left. We need a shooting guard, a good sniper. We are discussing with him. It is a good student of our basketball school, good basketballer. In case we don’t agree regarding this position with a Lithuanian, we will have to search for a legionnaire, the manager of the “Neptūnas” team, Osvaldas Kurauskas spoke.

- It is nice that we succeeded to retain Simas Galdikas, Martynas Mažeika. They are fighters who inspire the whole team as well as people who attend the arena with their energy and optimism. Two year contracts are signed with them”, O. Kurauskas expressed his delight.

According to the coach of the “Neptūnas” team, D. Adomaitis, the complement work has been going successfully and it is big hoped that the team shall win high-sounding victories in the run of the season.
“The tasks for the forthcoming season are: getting into top three winners in the LKL, highest targets in the LKF Cup, and to get at least into the second stage of the European Cup”, the strategist said.
D. Adomaitis told that the basis of the team is made of players of Klaipėda land.

“It is pleasant that the visions of mine and managers of the “Neptūnas” club are the same – first of all to rally players of Klaipėda region who distinguish themselves with fight and great desire for victory. I think that if you wish to win, basketball should start from good defense. Good defence guarantees stability during the whole season”, the coach explained.

Next season "Neptūnas" shall have not only local matches: Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) and Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF) Cup tournament, but also in the European Cup matches.
According to a preliminary schedule of LKL, the first match of this league at “Švyturys” arena shall take place on 30 September. The opponent shall be "Nevėžis" from Kėdainiai.

“Neptūnas” shall have the first match of the European Cup on 14 October at “Švyturys” arena with the “Galatasaray” team from Istanbul.

Until that time, “Neptūnas” is planning to have some friendly matches. In the middle of September, the international basketball tournament shall be held in Alytus for the Mayor’s Cup of Alytus town and district. Besides “Neptūnas”, the other teams shall be “Lietuvos rytas” of Vilnius, “Lietkabelis” of Panevėžys, VEF of Riga (Latvia), and “Asseco Prokom” of Gdynia (Poland).

The traditional tournament of Vladas Garastas Cup shall be held on 25-27 of September, in Klaipėda at “Švyturys” arena. This year, four teams shall compete: “Khimki”, Moscow Oblast, "Astana", Kazakhstan, "Lietuvos rytas", Vilnius, and "Neptūnas".

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