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Team “Neptūnas“ Played Two More Exhibition Matches


In preparation for the European Cup and the Lithuanian Basketball League (LBL) championship, Klaipėda‘s “Neptūnas“ basketball players have already played their third exhibition match. This time, the players of Dainius Adomaitis prevailed against last season’s NBL champions, the players of Klaipėda “Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis“ with a result of 85:62 (29:16, 24:14, 19:15, 13:17).

During the first minutes of the game, “Neptūnas“ amassed a double-digit lead - 13:3 and calmly continued controlling the match throughout the course of the game.

The most notable players of “Neptūnas“ were: Martynas Mažeika, scoring 14 points (4 assists), Gilvydas Biruta - 12 (9 rebounds), Arvydas Šikšnius - 11 (3/3 three-pointers), Arnas Butkevičius - 10 (6 rebounds), Donatas Zavackas - 9 (6 rebounds), Simas Galdikas – 8 (9 rebounds), Mindaugas Girdžiūnas - 8 (4 assists), Raidas Nacius - 7, and Jerai Grant - 6 pts.


Among the ranks of “Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis“ the most resulting players were: Rytis Biliartas, scoring 17 points (6 rebounds), Viktoras Chodosovskis and Mindaugas Stašys - 11 each, Laurynas Beliauskas - 8 (5 assists), Erikas Kubilius - 6, Arūnas Mikalauskas - 5, Džiugas Slavinskas - 3, and Deivydas Keburys - 1 pt.

The members of “Neptūnas“ and “Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis“ rejoiced that a close collaboration between the two teams was present.

This summer “Neptūnas“ signed a long term contract with two young and promising players of Vladas Knašius Basketball School: 18 yo, 190 cm defender - Matas Andruškevičius and 17 yo, 196 cm forward Arūnas Mikalauskas. Furthermore, another promising player from Klaipėda - Laurynas Beliauskas made a two-year contract with “Neptūnas“.


“All of them are going to play in the team "Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis". After years of discussions, this is finally the result of working together. We have also talked with the coach Rytis Vaišvila of team "Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis" that we must raise ourselves a replacement”, emphasized Osvaldas Kurauskas, director of “Neptūnas”.


Rytis Vaišvila, the prizewinner of Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics rejoiced. “It is wonderful that the management of “Neptūnas“ is good-natured and is collaborating with us. By working together we can achieve good results”, said the coach.


Klaipėda‘s “Neptūnas“ played yet another exhibition match. This time their opponent was club Ventspils’s “Ventspils”, which a Lithuanian Simas Buterlevičius is competing in. The match ended in a draw - 61:61 (16:13, 23:14, 13:19, 9:15).


After the half time, “Neptūnas“ had a double-digit lead - 39:27; however, in the second half they experimented a lot and allowed their opponents to level the score.

Among the ranks of “Neptūnas“ the highest-scoring players were: Jerai Grant (6 rebounds) and Martynas Mažeika who both scored 14 points, Arvydas Šikšnius and Donatas Zavackas added 8 points each, Gilvydas Biruta and Mindaugas Girdžiūnas - 5 each, and Arnas Butkevičius - 2 (10 rebounds). Due to injuries Vytautas Šarakauskas (broke his right arm‘s finger) and Daniel Ewing (finger injury) were not participating along their fellow team members of Klaipėda.

Among the ranks of the Latvian team the highest-scoring players were: Simas Buterlevičius, scoring 10 points, Artis Ate added 9, Rihards Lomazs, 7 - Artjoms Butjankovs.

„We have encountered unfortunate injuries; thus, the player rotations during the game were not sufficient. We lacked energy at the end of the match. I am happy with the training, effort and demonstrated defense of our men, but mistakes are still made. During our preparation state, when we are still experimenting, one should not wish that men would compete immaculately“, said head coach of “Neptūnas“ Dainius Adomaitis.

We would like to remind you that a few days ago team “Neptūnas“ had won a friendly match against last season‘s NBL champions Klaipėda‘s “Naftos-Uni-Akvaservis“ with a score of 85:62 (29:16, 24:14, 19:15, 13:17); also, with a score of 67:64 (15:19, 16:13, 19:19, 17:13) they won against Volgograd‘s team "Krasnyj Oktiabr"; finally, with a score of 74:65 (23:18, 12:10, 18:17, 21:20) they wore down Liepāja‘s team “Triobet“.

The players of Klaipėda “Neptūnas“ are getting ready for the European Cup tournament and the Lithuanian Basketball League (LBL).

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