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The match between Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” and Kėdainiai, “Nevėžis” on September 30th (Wednesday), 19:00 starts the 2015-2016 Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) season. This match will be exclusive in that the basketball battle in Klaipėda will be watched by roughly 400 soldiers.

“We decided to invite every soldier who is serving in the army in Klaipėda; there will also be conscripts, who started their service this year. For the soldiers it is a good mean of leisure time. After all, a band of conscripts gathered in Klaipėda from small cities or even villages; a part of them have never in their life been in “Švyturio Arena” or a basketball match. This is a special kind of entertainment for them,” said Chief Sergeant Aringas Švedas, Lithuanian National Defense Volunteer Force, 3rd District Team of Samogitia Headquarters, S5 Division Specialist of Civilian and Military Collaboration.

He rejoiced that the management of club “Neptūnas” is very public and eagerly associates with the military.

“Neptūnas” already has a new group of fans. This kind of amusement is a wonderful incentive to the soldiers. During the first seasonal LKL match both “Švyturio Arena” and “Neptūnas” will feel the support of the military,” stated A. Švedas.


Collaboration with “Neptūnas” and the military was already signed this spring. Since then about fifty soldiers are watching “Neptūnas” matches every time.

“We are propagating and exercising joint educational and social projects. It is joyful to see that “Neptūnas” is contributing to the meaningful leisure time of our volunteers – lets them watch the match for free,” rejoiced captain Žilvinas Želvys, Head of Department of National Defense Volunteer Force, 3rd District Team of Samogitia for Regional Conscription and Recruitment.

The administration of club “Neptūnas” and the players are inviting all basketball fans to come and watch the first seasonal LKL match.

“Your support is very important. We are anxiously waiting for you in the new basketball season! Let’s create history together!” said the players of “Neptūnas”.

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