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Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” started the 2015-2016 Lithuanian Basketball League (“Tete-a-Tete Casino-LKL”) with a beautiful victory - in “Švyturio Arena”, they defeated the team Kėdainiai, “Nevėžis“ with a double-digit advantage - 77:66.

The players from Klaipėda due to Arvydas Šikšnius, who made five shots in a row, halfway through the first quarter gained a 9 point advantage - 13:4; and up to the half time advanced even further to a 20 point lead - 47:27.

In the third quarter the difference had grown up to 24 points - 64:40. The fourth quarter was just a formality.

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Klaipėda, “Neptūnas” - Kėdainai, “Nevėžis” - 77:66 (23:19, 24:8, 20:19, and 10:20).

“Neptūnas”: Mindaugas Girdžiūnas and Jerai Grant - 11 each, Daniel Ewing - 10, Martynas Mažeika - 9, Simas Galdikas - 8, Arvydas Šikšnius, Travis Bader - 6 , Arnas Butkevičius and Donatas Zavackas - 5 each, Gilvydas Biruta - 4, and Raidas Nacius - 3 pts.

“Nevėžis”: Darius Gvezdauskas - 21, Vaidotas Volkus - 14, Andrius Aleksandrovas - 8, and Ernestas Ežerskis - 7 pts.

“Neptūnas” won the fight for rebounds - 38:31.


Dainius Adomaitis (Head Coach of “Neptūnas”): “There are ambiguous moods after the match. For 30 minutes the match was just as we wished for – we controlled their rhythm, used our strong sides. In the fourth quarter was just a loss of concentration, relaxation which is not justified. The last 10 minutes of the match to me, as a coach, gave an answer to which players can be trusted. If a player loses his concentration in moments like that, then he cannot be trusted even when the moments are really tense. Time spent in the basketball court is simply lost rather than played. I have specifically called out the names to which it is applied in the check room, but I am not going to tell the names publicly.

We failed to start the Lithuanian Basketball League at 100 per cent. It was difficult to get ready because the biggest influence was made by those weird and unlucky injuries. For example, someone broke their finger, many got bedridden due to illnesses, and someone developed blisters from new shoes. But we will gain momentum. I think that for the Eurocup matches, whom we will play on October 14th, we will be better prepared”.

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Ramūnas Cvirka (Head Coach of “Nevėžis”: “the loss was determined by a very unsuccessful second quarter. We lost for an interval, we could not score, we were not able to make combination plays, and the defense for two vs. two was very poor. We are just lacking teamwork because some of the players joined us just a few days ago. We lost, doesn’t matter whether by one, or ten, or thirty points, the result is poor. I am glad that the men were listening that they must follow discipline in the court. Everyone must know what he is doing and why. I will repeat myself that we are simply lacking teamwork and that is why mistakes are made and we are falling behind. The same thing happened during the exhibition matches, same thing happened today”.


The chants of soldiers in “Švyturio Arena“

During the match in “Švyturio Arena“, “Neptūnas” was supported by approximately 400 soldiers. The administration staff of club “Neptūnas” invited every soldier that is serving the army in Klaipėda to watch a free match.

“Švyturio Arena” is probably the safest place in Lithuania today,” rejoiced the host.

Collaboration with “Neptūnas” and the military was already signed this spring. Since then about fifty soldiers are watching “Neptūnas” matches every time.

“We are propagating and exercising joint educational and social projects. It is joyful to see that “Neptūnas” is contributing to the meaningful leisure time of our volunteers - lets them watch the match for free,” rejoiced captain Žilvinas Želvys, Head of Department of National Defense Volunteer Force, 3rd District Team of Samogitia for Regional Conscription and Recruitment.


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